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The Sapience Solution

The Sapience is a world-class brain development and learning center that emphasizes the goal of uniting our tutors with your children to illuminate their minds by operating with an overarching focus on two key elements that are critical to a child’s life long success:
1. Enhancing children’s cognitive and metacognitive abilities
2. Providing education on subjects that are critical to our children’s future

Enhancing Cognition

Vedic Math

Developing Skillsets


Traditional & Exceptional

Homework Help
General Studies

Secure your Children’s Future Today.

Class Facilities

Our systematic, or scientific, method of teaching helps learners think, plan, and solve on their own.

There are other perks to this method as well! Your children, like scientists, will learn to approach and assess problems logically. This technique also helps us identify your children’s unique learning style. Conversely, it also informs us of their learning problems. Our process, however, will enhance their current capabilities and address their adversities. We ensure that your children will not lose interest in learning.

Our Programs

Learning at the Sapience promotes critical thinking and acquiring knowledge.


The technical knowledge and skills we offer have limitless use anywhere in the world. We have confidence in their relevance now and in the future. Our learners will acquire exceptional concentration and observation skills, which also prepares them for various aptitude tests and ensures a bright and successful future.

Fee Structure

We give your children a learning environment & contribute to their success!

  • We Provide Quality Education
  • Smaller Classes & Individual attention
  • Friendly & Positive Learning Environment
  • Building Character & Comprehensive Reports
  • Arrangement of Summer Camps & Special Events