About Us

Children’s Education made Easier and Fun

The Next Step in Education.

The Sapience mission is to provide every child with the opportunity to be a Champion throughout life. Through critical skill development & genuine ability improvement our Champions will thrive in spite of the unique complexities they will face as adults due to the historic advances in technology that is dramatically transforming the job market. The Sapience equips children, not only with skill sets like coding & robotics that are critical to their future, but quite literally improves the cognitive performance in children with brain exercise classes that have been proven effective for over 5,000 years. Let us help you unlock the Champion in your child today!

Mission Statement

Utilizing the combination of our ancient methodology and advanced technology, the knowledge and wisdom we offer will shape our students for success.


Stimulate our learners’ cognitive skills using our unique methodology.


Abacus and Vedic Math develops and enhances concentration, memory, and visualization, improving critical thinking and cognition.

Learning Skills

a.) The Sapience promotes critical thinking and connects the learning process with the real world, aiding with comprehension and reason.

Learners’ Benefits

The Sapience examines the disciplines of STEM to stimulate critical thinking and enhance reading and writing skills. Learners will also gain the ability to speak pertinent foreign languages: German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and much more. In addition, we prepare our students for the SAT and other various aptitude tests.

Another benefit is our E-Library, a resourceful, fun learning tool that is available for use anytime and anywhere.

Community Benefits

Business Advocates Program
Our sponsors are dedicated to providing free memberships to less fortunate children; in addition, they offer the program as a reward for academic excellence.

The Sapience Standard
The Sapience staff communicates with the school district staff to improve education standards.

Education creates hope and influencers
Tutoring can increase a student’s learning 3 times. Abraham Lincoln stressed the importance of education, suggesting its positive impact on society while stating, “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.”